Mix the perfect combination of blues, R&B and a healthy dose of funk, and what have you got? Hothouse, the most exciting band to come out of Central Massachusetts in a long time. Mixing together creative original songs and very smart cover song choices, Hothouse gets the crowd going every time. Drummer Ron Ouimette and bass player Dave "DK" Kenderian give the band the ultimate back beat, Pete Levesque and Brian Lewis supply the soulful horn arrangements, and guitarist/singer Mike Lanigan and guitarist/keyboardist/singer Jim Perry complete the sound with polished yet wildly energetic creativity.

Each member of Hothouse has a wealth of experience on the stages of New England. From bands such as Albatross, The Reflectors, Wilbur & the Dukes,The Marsels, Down East, Doctor Robert, 9Teen... come these six seasoned veterans, and they collectively feel as though Hothouse is the culmination of all those years of experience.

< Photo credit: Kelly Dolen

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